Distance came to me a year later,

Tall and handsome,

he had not changed.


But, You haven’t known Distance.

Not until he says hello,

and you can’t recognise his voice anymore


Until he hugs you

and his arms

feel foreign,


Until you breathe him in

but his scent has been



I was certain I only knew Distance

once you were no longer familiar

to me.


But two years later,

Distance came again,


I welcomed him back

like an old friend.



My poem ‘Manon’ published as part of a special series for the global exploitation of women on Whisper and the Roar, a feminist literary collective

Paris was vibrant, the outskirts, charcoal. In dark corners the women in red lifted skirts for men in top hats. Manon was a demi-monde beauty, scarlett dressed and wide-eyed, Harlot, They called her, The men with grasping hands who were always hungry. An animal appetite behind human eyes A beast in a suit. If you […]

via Manon- Tina Rose — Whisper and the Roar