With You

With you,

I didn’t write for a whole year

Because I was so happy,

La la la

In pretty dresses,

My Sunday best,

Your arms warm

wrapped around me like a

fuzzy cocoon,

I didn’t want to wake up.


I wrap myself in blankets now,

I traded dresses for trousers,

I don’t wear much makeup anymore;

I am starting to think it was all for you.

Maybe it was,

Perhaps it’s all just a transaction in the end.


Perhaps  now I’ll make my own cocoon


I will stop waking up at 3am,  wondering how a pillow replaced your chest.


You were Blue,

and I adored you

Calm and cool

My friend

Where were you?

Distant, cold

You took my hand

Your icy blues were hard to stand.

You kissed me fast

I kissed you slow

I loved you so,

Where did you go?

Come back, come back

and stay a while,

you shake your head

and I ask why?

The morning light came seeping through

You touched my cheek

I held onto you,

you tensed,

My love,

I sulked, ‘don’t go,’

You kissed me fast, I kissed you slow.