I went to the Irish countryside

to get away from you

To breathe the clearer air in

To breathe you out for good.

Myself, ah, I found myself again!


I found Laughter

a cabin in the woods.

Thank goodness

Ireland made me a home,

Because I was never home

with you.


In Rathdrum, County Wicklow

mountains, streams,

and forestry,

A little farm

away from you,

You far away from me.


How refreshing to wake up to birdsong

instead of your mother tongue,

When you would drown me in water kisses.

How you would laugh

as I held my breath 

counting, 1,2,3





Let me go let me go 

let me leave.

The Irish Sea

I lost my heart in the irish sea

amongst the seaweed and the debris,

the eye of Ireland took mine for its own

In Donabate the shores your home,

sand grain free and sea so blue

take me, take me with you,

I lost my heart to the irish sea

I’ll hold my breath and count to three


take me, take me